make a video 30 seconds or less, showing you with your beautiful dog


Introduce yourself with your first name and your dogs name and where you're from

say whatever you want....  judging will be based on personality, the affection shown between you and your dog, doggy good looks, and generally heartwarming videos.

 We absolutely LOVE dogs, and this is for all the people that also love dogs. We want to celebrate their loyalty, companionship, personality and love. We cant wait to meet you and your dogs.


the contest will run a little over 6 months

every 2 weeks for 5 months we will choose 10 videos and post them on our site

you can vote your favourites by liking their videos

we will compile the likes and pick 10 winners for every month

after about 20 weeks we will post the 40 semi-finalists on our site

again we will decide winners by the likes they receive.

after we decide on the top 100, 2 weeks after that we will narrow our finalists down to the top 20, again based on the likes we received from you.


another 2 weeks from 20 to 10

another 2 weeks from 10 to top 3

and finally, after 2 weeks, the big winner. 


once we have the top 10, we will ask all of the finalists to email their name and phone numbers so we can reward the winners


Number 1   best video gets   $500 US 

Number 2                              $250 US

Number 3                              $100 US


Remember, this is a contest to celebrate the love we share with our dogs. If you dont win, or your video doesnt get picked, please understand that if any one of us here owned your special dog, we would all think that guy was the best in the world, I promise you!!   So GOOD LUCK, and I hope you really enjoy the videos!